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CW MGL is a procurement and service company mainly supplying to mining, exploration and industrial sectors.

CW is stand for “Complete Work”, therefore we are passionate to any work to be done completely and MGL means “Mongolia”, as we are active in Mongolia. 

Our Mission

CWMGL is a company that distribute world class safety & security products, various machinery and equipment in Mongolia by partnering with suppliers’ from Europe, USA, Australia and Asia with many years’ experience.

Our Vision

To be recognised as a trusted partner and an image of excellence. We are currently proud dealer of over 10 world renowned safety and industrial brands in Mongolia, which can be seen here, and we are still expanding and growing.


Core Values


CWMGL’s core values are based on passion about high quality products and constant efforts to offer only best services.

Quality: Sourcing only the highest quality products and services, as the most affordable to our customers. We continue to source products and services that not only meet but exceed customer expectation.

Effort: We understand the importance of providing products that will deliver a real benefit to our customers, which is why we aim to enrich people's lives through health, safety and being environmentally friendly.

Passion: We are committed to delivering information about our products and services with the highest level of passion without compromising the trust placed in us by our customers. 

Despite the fact that CW MGL is a relatively young company founded in Mongolia only in 2006, it has quickly gained recognition and confidence of many customers.

The complexity of Mongolia in terms of logistics and its geographical isolation from main sourcing hubs were great challenges to face and we are successfully meeting customer expectations in terms of timing and cost.

Mining Supply

In the fast emerging and growing Mining Industry of Mongolia, CW MGL has committed to the supply of critical parts and equipments needed in big costly projects where every hour and day of delay are very costly. 
Our customers are both international and national mining / exploration companies.
In a very short time, CW MGL has gained trust and secured partnership with a number of European and North American principals, each being one of the best in their field, to represent them in Mongolia. 

Industrial Supply

In this very specialized market, since the very beginning CW MGL does its best to supply to various industrial needs from lubricants and power tools to mechanical, electrical items proposing well-known brands but also cost-efficient alternatives for client’s convenience.
CW MGL has established long-term reliable relations with many partners throughout the world from Europe, South-East Asia, North America and Australia.

General Supply

In order to diversify its activities and optimize its strategic sourcing basis, CW MGL has ventured successfully into general supply of very various goods depending on client’s requests. Proficient sourcing bases in Asia provide excellent support and competitive purchasing to respond to customer’s diverse demands.

Industrial-Pro Safety Showroom

Early 2008, CW MGL has opened its first showroom Industrial-Pro dedicated to Personal Protective Equipment, thus starting to contribute considerably to enhancement of industrial safe working environment in Mongolia. 
In personal protective equipments, CW MGL has gained quickly the reputation of a serious player not only providing quality goods meeting international safety standards, but also organizing different trainings to improve industrial safety.